Sunday, April 19, 2009

My First Blog !


Hi Everyone :)
This is my first blog, I have just recently started this up so I am all new to this. This is just a run down on who I am and what Im about. Hope you guys all enjoy my up and coming blogs as well as my music.
You guys can all find me on which I am constantly checking and replying to everyone that gets in touch with me. You can also find my videos on Youtube ; Giulietta's Music & a bit of facebook.. but I really dont know how to use facebook yets lol.
Take care, and Im really looking forward to hearing all your thoughts and ideas
Thanks everyone
Love Giulietta xo

Giulietta an amazing young women with a dazzling start. Giulietta has performed with the best in the industry; all of them amazed by her deep rooted talent. This teen heart throb is naturally talented and beautiful. However, Giulietta is humbled knowing she owes plenty of thanks to her vocal training at the Jaanz School of Singing. She came from Melbourne Australia where she was connected with DJ/Producer Marcus Knight. Then the two took his name as a renowned Electro and R&B DJ, and Giulietta's breathe taking voice. Coming up with a wicked combination and calling the track, "Dirty House Music". Now being played in clubs all over the world. "Dirty House Music" launched to 4 on the Beatport charts as well as coming in twice on the Aria Club charts. At the tender age of 16 this gifted young women has accomplished what many artists only dream of, being compared to Britney Spears, as the new teen sensation. Giulietta has only just started to shock us and there are a lot of us looking forward to watching her grow, feeding her passion for music! Thank you to everyone that has supported my music on myspace. I have currently produced my debut house EP along side of Dj Marcus Knight, having released currents tracks such as Save Me , Venus(Remix by The Rascals) and Dirty House Music , as well as the remix packages found on Beatport. Hope you all enjoy the tracks !

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